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We offer medium-priced Russian medical translation by native Russian translators. All our specialists have skills, qualifications, and expertise in Russian medical translation. Also, we use services of native Russian medical document proofreaders and editors, who assist us in making our translations perfect and error-free.

B-Lingvo Russian Medical Translation Projects Archive

Below is a list of Russian medical translation projects of B-Lingvo. By clicking on the links you can check out extracts from Russian medical translation documents. Before you Order Translation with us, you can asess the quality of our translation services:

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04.22.07 Medical Translation. This medical translation project really was a tough challenge. Our Russian translators had to learn on the fly, while they were working their way through the sentences of this English to Russian translation document on preparation of overlay porcelains and mill blacks for dental care. While dental terminology is generally very difficult, this time the level of difficulty was even higher, because the translation text didn't actually deal with general dental care, but with laboratory preparation of consumables for dental cabinets. This medical translation of dental terminology required great effort in using Internet search engine translation techniques to make sure we produce quality medical translation from English to Russian.

03.12.07 Medical Translation. The third and final part of the medical translation project from English to Russian language. This final piece of Russian translation was more of a legal nature rather than medical. The document contained a list of documentation required for the performance of regular audits, implementation of training and knowledge sharing schemes. As opposed to the previous two parts, the third one was a pretty easy document for our translation team for it had a lot of repetitions.
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03.08.07 Medical Translation. The second part of our large medical English Russian translation project. The document deals with various procedures for visiting and auditing laboratories in Europe. The text involves some of specific scientific vocabulary, yet most of it is easy to understand. The text layout required some additional work, yet it was completely preserved.

03.05.07 Medical Translation. This was the first part out of three of a long-term bulky project on pharmaceuticals quality assurance documents. This English to Russian medical translation represents a document with the general guidelines for performing QA testing of medical products for humans and animals. Also the first part contains practical examples of qualification tests for laboratory QA instrumentation and involves plenty of medical-niche focused terminology.
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